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DeCOSTA - Glass mosaics

35 years have passed since we started the great journey to explore the wonderful world of glass and with special emphasis on its heat treatment, a field with endless applications.

Decoration, curving, melting and forming, areas where with the knowledge and experience of all these years, we have managed to firmly establish ourselves in one of the leading positions in the Greek market and beyond.

Especially in the last 15 years we have focused our interest in reviving the production and distribution of a product whose roots come from the early years of the foundation of the Byzantine Empire.

vitreous mosaics (enamel), a material widely used for the decoration and iconography of churches and which had its glory in the Byzantine years, with works of infinite beauty and technique, many of which are still preserved today and they receive the admiration of all of us.

Special recipes of glass raw material are mixed with inorganic oxides to achieve the desired shades, and after being properly prepared, they are heated to very high temperatures to achieve their melting to form the desired glass plates.

The glass plates that come out of the ovens, after being properly processed and cut, are now ready for use by the hagiographers-mosaic painters.


The special features of our products are:

  • Handmade Greek products with raw materials only from Europe.
  • They are exported to more than ten countries.
  • Wide variety of colors.
  • Raw materials particularly friendly to the environment and health.
  • Possibility of producing colors of the customer's liking.
  • Available according to the customer's request and in different sizes.
  • Possibility of orders in small quantities and last but very important:
  • They are produced using "100% self-generated green solar energy", where the energy footprint of our operations is literally zero.



In a privately owned space of 1,200 square meters in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki where our company is based, we produce over 15,000 kg of mosaics per year with more than 300 different shades. We also produce approximately 2,000 kilos of gold mosaics in 6 different color tones.

Our vision and commitment for the future is to continue the development of DeCOSTA with the persistence and values that established it as a pioneer. Efforts to improve productivity as well as the already superior quality of our products are ongoing. We explore and try to develop new applications of using glass in combination with other planet-friendly materials.